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Gbps Isolator Chip

(Digital Isolator)

We provide the world's first reflowable Gbps Isolator Chips.

Gbps Isolator chip picture on PCB


  • Medical equipment for reinforced insulation
  • High speed high precision tester
  • USB3.0 Audio for GND noise isolation
  • Robot, Factory Automation GND noise isolation
Isolator Application: medical Isolator Application: High speed Tester Isolator Application: USB3.0 Audio Isolator Application: factory automation

USB 3.0 / 3.1 Isolator Chip

USB3.0 Isolator chip picture

Does not support USB2.0(high speed), USB1.x(full speed, low speed).

HDMI (1.0 -) 2.0 Isolator Chip    Coming soon!

HDMI 1.0- 2.0 Isolator chip picture

General Purpose Gbps Isolator Chip (Digital Isolator)

Picture of General Purpose Gbps Isolator chip, Digital Isolator